aMule Remote for Android

aMule Remote lets you control you aMule daemon running on a PC.

With this application you can handle your download queue by:

  • Adding a new file using an ed2k URI
  • Start/Stop/Delete downloads
  • Change download priority of downloads
  • Rename files being downloaded
  • Handle A4AF sources

Moreover, you can also:

  • Add a new download by clicking on an ed2k URI in your browser (or by pasting it manually in the app)
  • Search files on aMule and eventually add the t your download queue (only with aMule 2.3.1 and 2.3.1-rc1)

aMule Remote has been tested with aMule v2.2.6 and v.2.3.1. However, it should work with any aMule server ranging from v2.2.0 up to v2.3.1.

In order to use aMule Remote you need to enable External Connections.

Android app on Google Play


Life is full of changes and due to a lot (good ones fortunately) that happened in mine, I have not been able to work on aMule Remote for more than two years now. It is for this reason that I finally took the decision to declare aMule Remote as not supported anymore.

There are some bugfixes and some enhancements that need to be delivered. Part of this job was done, but never polished enough to make it to the Play store.

The good news is that aMule Remote is becoming open source, source code is published on GitHub under GNU GPL license, so anyone willing to take the challenge can enhance this application. Source code is not really well documented, so feel free to reach out to me if you want to dig into it.

So what are the options accessing your aMule server from a smartphone or tablet, while some good willing developer steps up to make any further development on aMule Remote? 

Option 1: A SNAPSHOT release containing the latest features and bug fixes is available here. In order to install this version, you need to enable Unknown Sources under Android Security settings. The SNAPSHOT release will not replace any existing version of aMule Remote, but will be installed as an additional app. App re-configuration is therefore needed.

Option 2: mobileMule is a skin for amuleweb that is able to gracefully scale from desktop to tablet and smartphone displays. It will also allow you to access aMule from iPhone and iPad devices.

Please send any feedback to